Tabemono 6: Thai food @ Shinjuku

We had not intended to eat Thai food but we came across two restaurants who seemed to be doing very good business during lunch hour and we decided to try one of them. The first thing I noticed was the size of the noodles in the Pad Thai. They were finer than the usual thin noodles. In fact the size was closer to fat bee hoon size than the thin rice noodles we usually have in Singapore.

Basil Chicken rice

Pad Thai with the much thinner rice noodles.

Both orders came with a small side dish.

The meal was surprisingly good and the food actually tasted better than the Thai food we normally get in Singapore. And no, I did not take a picture of the restaurant front. This was in the side lanes of Shinjuku.


A pleasant flight

After traveling on budget airlines several times lately, flying a normal serviced flight turned out to be quite pleasant. It helped that the plane was in good condition, the flight was not full and the stewards were well-groomed and spoke well. I’m not usually a fan of airline food but the food on this flight was not too bad. I ordered an omelette and asked for chicken noodles after trying the omelette. The egg tasted somewhat synthetic though the potato pieces that came with it were good. I passed on the sausage. The coffee too was decent.

I was a little surprise at the amount of turbulence on this short flight, which meant we had to be seated for a rather long while. I started to wonder if we would ever get to eat after a while. A 40-wink nap helped me pass the time as I woke up to clear blue skies.

It was a pleasant flight and I should fly this airline a little more. It’s not known for its quality and price (although this flight was really good value) for nothing.



Singapore Airlines

Red, White and Blue: Yak and Yeti, no, not their meats!

We were longing for Indian food and my friend brought me to her favourite Indian restaurant in town. So off we went to this place. A yak, I know. But a yeti? Two drawings on their signboard showed a deer or goat-looking animal and a gorilla. The yeti must be a gorilla, or something similar and a Google search resulted in another term, ‘apeman’. Since both animals are known in the Himalayas, I concluded that the food must be North Indian, if it is Indian. As it turned out, some of the food was Nepalese and Tibetan, housed in the oldest Victorian house in Arvada! We ordered Indian.

Being more familiar with Indian food in South East Asia, I was especially surprised at the size of the samosa, which was about twice the size of what we got in Singapore. But food portions are usually larger in the USA to begin with. The taste of several of the dips seemed less pronounced than what I was used to. I liked the meat dishes though the meats were cooked just right and not overly spicy. The weather too played a part as the dryness made some things like the pappadams taste really nice. I liked the Naan bread as well.

Yak and Yeti, 7803 Ralston Rd. Arvada, CO 80002. Te+1-303-431-9000.


Pappadam entree with four dips


The pappadams were great – crunchy and fragrant with spices.


Vegetarian Samosas that were larger than what I was used to.


I am used to skin that are thinner as the skin or wrap here was rather thick. But I do not know if such skins are the standard here in the USA though.


This was like set meal for one person but we ordered it to share between two people which turned out to be a great idea. The rice was of good quality and fine. The meats were not too spicy – we asked for medium spiciness – and the dessert of rice pudding, which I did not know was a dessert at first, balanced out the meal perfectly. The sweetness of the dessert balanced out the spiciness. I then wondered if perhaps in Indian food, the dessert was eaten at the same time and not later, like in western meals.


Chicken masala





Plain naan bread which was nice too.

Red, White and Blue: Yankee noodles

I was craving for some Asian food to take away when I came across this franchise. I ordered the Pad Thai and my craving for Asian food was satisfied. This little franchise serves decent noodles and the noodles are authentic enough considering that they serve many different types of noodles, not all Asian. It was good enough to satisfy my cravings but not as authentic as what you would get in a Thai restaurant, and understandbly so. Portion wise, it was huge!


Noodles and Company may be located via here.