Down the ramen lane

Since I am now revisiting Japanese eating places that have been around for a few years, as opposed to a few months, I decided to coin today’s post, Down Ramen Lane. This is a big deal as food business here is very competitive and it only takes a new kid on the block to send the ole kids packing if they do not have staying power.

When I first had it a few years ago — this stall first came to Singapore in 2007 — ramen was just making inroads into Singapore. Now there are too many ramen restaurants to count and it shows no sign of abetting.

I was happy that the taste was still good. This brand of ramen uses both chicken and pork to make its broth so the soup is not overly thick. What I liked best about it was the mini size. I was glad not to be carbo-laden at the end of the meal. I wanted to order gyoza as well but I was told that the ‘machine had broken down’. Hmm…oh well, so I ordered a salad instead. The meal was not expensive and the combination if food was pretty balanced. So, would I go back again? Likely.

The service could have been better and I actually wondered if it was because we were at Funan IT mall. The place is more well-known for its digital stuff than for its food, perhaps? But there are a few eating places here which are not bad. The experience was fine as it was but it would have been better if the folks there had been a little friendlier.

Bishamon’s Sapporo Ramen, Funan Digitalife Mall, #01-18. Tel: 6337 5142.

Cold tofu

Fresh Salad

Negi ramen – mini size. It had enough flavour in it without being overly salty as some ramen broth are known to be. The broth is a combination of chicken and pork which meant that it was not overly oily either. I’d come back here for ramen again.


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