Junior’s Choice

I don’t often get a chance to eat with a nine-year-old so this was special. He wanted to have pizza so off to Pizza Hut we went. Choice of food? Cheese Trio pizza. My request was for the crispy thin crust. Next choice of food? Fries, of course, with cheese and barbecue sauce dips! I went along with his selection. The choice of pizza was an excellent one as it tasted really good. The fries were also nice and crunchy even hours later after we brought some back. I ordered a salad to share but Junior would have none of it! What’s with kids not liking their veggies? Seems like most kids I know don’t like veggies.

Pizza Hut, 1 Jurong West Central 2, #01-33 Jurong Point Shopping Centre. Tel: 67907146.

Trio Cheese thin crust pizza which turned out to be quite nice.

Fabulous fries which turned out to be quite fabulous indeed. The fries remained crunchy even after we had packed them home.

Junior and I tucking into the fries!


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