Give it a shot!

I have been quite amazed seeing the different ways iced coffee is being served nowadays. Here are two samples. The third one is my own attempt at replicating one of them. 

Iced coffee served with a syringe of milk


I was quite intrigued by the idea and the coffee was intoxicatingly good. The milk was insufficient for me and I asked them for a second syringe which they happily obliged. My friends and I ate there as well and here are some food pics.  

Their signature stabbed burger with charcoal buns!

Fish and chips


I was more intrigued by their coffee. Check out this cafe at 7 Kick Start, 71 Bras Basah Road.

Then there is another cafe that served their shots in the form of ice cubes! Another novel idea. 

Since it was already late at night, I settled for one ice cube instead of two. Being hot and humid here, it didn’t take long for the ice cubes to melt.

This is at Whisk & Paddle, 10 Tebing Lane, #01-01, Singapore 828836. Phone: +65 6242 4617.

Feeling rather inspired, I decided to try my own ice cube coffee with azuki beans. I’ve put all the photos together for easy reference, just for an idea!  

First, make some percolated or dripped coffee. Then, freeze them into ice cubes. When ready, put some cubes into a cup. Add milk and red beans. Top up with ice. 

Give this a shot for a different way to enjoy your iced coffee!