Pre-reunion dinner

I had two vouchers to use and picked the Tung Lok group of restaurants to spend it in, of which Lao Beijing is one. The last time I came here was about a year ago. We ordered a venison dish, some dumplings (CNY wouldn’t be CNY without dumplings) and stir-fried spinach.



I don’t eat here very often and I enjoyed my meal very much. The venison was tender but a tad too salty but others may not find it too salty though as locals tend to like their food salty. The dumplings were good with chewy skin. They were probably one of the better dumplings around. The stir-fried spinach was also a tad too salty.

What I really enjoyed was their tea. The ginseng was a nice touch and this time I didn’t mind the sweetness of the rock sugar. The tea that was added to the eight ingredients in the teacup was not overly strong and I was not worried about being kept awake the whole night because of too much caffeine.


The restaurant did not strike me as common like some of the other Chinese restaurants around, and the meal was also unhurried. The decor at this restaurant in Plaza Singapura and the good service added to the experience. Perhaps this should be an annual do.

Lao Beijing, 68 Orchard Rd, #03-01 Plaza Singapura, S(238839).
Tel: 6738 7207.