Building bricks and pizza

One would not be looking for good food at a place like this, I don’t think. After all, one comes to Legoland to play. Surely, food is secondary. But if there is a place that serves better food than the others, this might just be the place. I didn’t get to taste the food at the other places as I was told that the food here was better. I was not disappointed. After a quick tuck-in, the children, big and small, resumed their play and photo-taking.

Pizza Mania seems to also be in the original Legoland in Finland, so the place may well be run by the same folks who run the pizza place there. At least the pizza was good (enough) and for the price that one had to pay for food here, this was satisfactory. I cannot imagine paying as much as we did, for unsatisfactory food. Even though people do not come to places like this for food, nevertheless, food is still inevitable because of the long hours spent here.

Pizza Mania, Imagination, Legoland, Johor, Malaysia.

The guava was refreshing. Served with dried lime pieces and not the powder. They were delicious — a good idea to have as part of a set.

Aloha chicken pizza. I ordered the kid’s set which was just nice. The base was thin crust. This too was nice. The set came with a Ribena drink as well.

Time to go down memory lane and play!


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