Issho ni taberu

Issho in Japanese means ‘together’. I named the post ‘issho ni taberu’ which means ‘let’s eat together’.

We came here for dinner after an event at the Sports Hub. It was crowded but we were fortunate to get two seats at the sushi counter.

It was supposed to be a quick dinner before going home. We ended up ordering a little more than planned.

The genmaicha was really fragrant as it had roast grains in the tea.

Prawn tempura with rice.

One of their signature dishes – buta or pork shabu salad with goma or sesame seed dressing.

Ise Kushi set of ten grilled sticks as we were feeling rather peckish still.

Another signature dessert dish – Blacmange, black sesame panna cota with black sesame ice-cream. This was truly a piece of art.

All in all, we ordered three of their signature dishes. The food was fresh and of good quality, enough for me to enquire if they also serve omakase, to which they said, ‘Yes’. That will be for another time, hopefully when the place is not so crowded.

Issho Izakaya, 1 Stadium Place, #01-13/K5, Kallang Wave@Sports Hub. Tel: 6702 4708.


Moving along Paradise

This must be like the top of the range of restaurants in the Paradise group of Chinese restaurants. I love treats and tonight was no different. This is a Cantonese restaurant that also served wine. The food here was a change from the other foods that I normally eat. This was to celebrate a special occasion and it was simply nice to be with family over a fine meal.

Located in the Marina Bay Financial Centre, the restaurant serves fine Chinese food with fine wine. This combination is unique because usually a Chinese restaurant does not display their bottles of fine wine. The decor is also more western and contemporary, as opposed to strictly Chinese, reflecting the modernity of the place that it is located in.

So far, I have eaten at Paradise Inn, Paradise Dynasty and now Paradise Pavilion. The food in all the restaurants are good for the price that they command, and this place is no different. This restaurant is the finest that I have eaten at, in the Paradise group of restaurants.

Paradise Pavilion, 8A Marina Boulevard, #02-01 Marina Bay Financial Centre, (Ground Plaza), Singapore 018984.
Tel: 6509 9308.

Yummy roast pork and char siew. The proportion of meat to fat is just right, leading me to think that cooking this must be an art in itself. The skin is nice and crispy. It was served with a dash of mustard.

Battered fried prawns with salted egg. This too was delicious!

Peking duck being served. Slicing the skin off at the right thickness is also an art form. There are also different textures of duck meat which is served differently. I did not know there was a difference before. First, the skin is served. Then the more tender moist meat bits are served, followed by the meatier and ‘rougher’ bits.

The duck skin is served first.

The duck meat follows. These bits were tender and moist.

Beef steak pieces. This may have been wagyu because they were really tender and succulent.

Steamed Broccoli.

Mushroom and spinach vegetables

Soul food!

I was really wanting to eat rice for dinner and settled into this restaurant. Glancing through the menu, I noticed it serves mainly ramen. I ordered the sesame rice on the menu and asked them if they could prepare a corn salad for me, chargeable of course! The waitress checked with the kitchen and agreed. I expected a small bowl of salad. I was surprised by what I was served. I will definitely come back here for lunch or dinner again. The rice was simply delicious as they had mixed in the sesame seeds and oil into the rice itself, garnished with shallots. However, it did not taste oily.

The level of service here reminded me of the good service that I am more used to receiving in Japan. It was also late on a Sunday evening and they were not busy.

This place serves authentic ramen, hence, the review would not be complete if I did not try their ramen as well. So with a complimentary return voucher for a flavoured egg, I returned on another day to try their ramen. They were really busy on a Saturday night and my order got mixed up with someone else. I ordered the ‘light’ version for taste. I was not disappointed. The soup was good, the meat was just the right texture; not dry and hard like some other ramen places. With a generous helping of pickled bean sprouts and a dash of bonito flakes, I was satisfied with my ramen.

Soul food, indeed!

Keisuke Tokyo Ramen Dining, Millenia Walk #03-02, 9 Raffles Boulevard. Tel: 6337 7919.

(The restaurant is on the 3rd floor within Parco itself, where the other restaurants within Parco are situated.)