Issho ni taberu

Issho in Japanese means ‘together’. I named the post ‘issho ni taberu’ which means ‘let’s eat together’.

We came here for dinner after an event at the Sports Hub. It was crowded but we were fortunate to get two seats at the sushi counter.

It was supposed to be a quick dinner before going home. We ended up ordering a little more than planned.

The genmaicha was really fragrant as it had roast grains in the tea.

Prawn tempura with rice.

One of their signature dishes – buta or pork shabu salad with goma or sesame seed dressing.

Ise Kushi set of ten grilled sticks as we were feeling rather peckish still.

Another signature dessert dish – Blacmange, black sesame panna cota with black sesame ice-cream. This was truly a piece of art.

All in all, we ordered three of their signature dishes. The food was fresh and of good quality, enough for me to enquire if they also serve omakase, to which they said, ‘Yes’. That will be for another time, hopefully when the place is not so crowded.

Issho Izakaya, 1 Stadium Place, #01-13/K5, Kallang Wave@Sports Hub. Tel: 6702 4708.


Tabemono 4: Soba and yaki things @ Kanazawa

We met a friend for dinner while travelling through Kanazawa. We settled for a soba dinner as we were not very hungry. What I really struggled with was the smoke from people smoking in the restaurant.

Soba with duck and leeks.

Hot soba with prawn tempura on the side

Grilled sardines which I had mistook for shishamo as they looked similar

Grilled sausage, chicken, chicken gizzard and pork.

The unique part of the dinner was grilling the sardines ourselves. Our Japanese friend told us that the fish was probably already half-cooked so the grilling bit was probably more of a novelty.