Tabemono 8: Grilled gyuniku @ Shinjuku

So far, we have had fish, chicken, seafood and pork for meat but not beef. And I really wanted to try some beef. Not the super expensive Wagyu or Kobe beef but some beef. So we wandered into a shop which we thought would serve beef. Up until this point, we had based our decisions almost entirely on pictures that were displayed in menus and if the restaurant mentioned that English menus were available in the shop. This particular shop mentioned that English menus were available so in we went.

The waitress handed us the English menu which we read very quickly. We decided on the cheapest portion of beef that we could see on the menu. We were not that hungry and as part of the meal, we had to pay for a drink and a side dish.

The waitress came back with a charcoal grill. The menu had instructions in it on how to douse a fire on the grill and such. Since we had not tried this before, this was starting to look exciting.

But first, we toasted to the last night of our trip with our compulsory drinks. See the old-fashioned charcoal grill behind the drinks. I had not seen one of those in a very long time.

Then our beef arrived, along with the ice cubes for putting out fires and the side dishes.

I proceeded to grill the slices. It soon became very smokey but the place had a rather efficient smoke-sucking system, provided the nozzle was in the right place. It was adjusted to the right position so it turned out to be fine. And no, none of the beef caught fire so we did not need to use the ice cubes.

The beef was really good. There was sufficient fat in the meat so despite being grilled, the meat was still juicy. I am not even sure I will be able to find something similar in SIngapore. The whole meal was about $15 per person, even with compulsory drinks and side salad. If we had not been in such a hurry, we could have ordered a second helping of beef. But we had to be somewhere else by a certain time. Also, the restaurant had been booked out and the place was a smoking restaurant. We managed to get a place only because we were early. We requested to sit near the door so that there would be better ventilation but it turned out that the tables near the exit were already booked and the waitress kindly alerted us to the possibility that the people who had booked the tables were likely to be smokers. So we ate quickly for that reason as well. In fact, we were done in half an hour.  

If I come back to Shinjuku, I’ll probably come back here again. Ja matta rainen!

This is the end of this series.