Tabemono 2: Toyamawan sushi @ Iwasehama

Toyama is famous for its fresh sea produce. Seafood like the firefly squid (yes, they actually light up like fireflies) and shiroebi, i.e. white or transparent prawns are quite well-known here. They are also well known for the fishes that are found in Toyama Bay. The bay has been likened to a very deep natural fish tank that is also very near the shore. As a result, seafood could be brought to the table very fresh and quickly.

Our plans had to be changed in the last minute and we were looking for a place to visit before we moved on to our next destination. We decided on Iwasehama. One of the things I wanted to do was to have the seafood. We were referred to this place by the Toyama Tourist Information counter since we were in the area.


Bento set with fried shiroebi on the side. This bento came with pumpkin croquette and cold soba. It was delicious.

Fresh sashimi.

Toyamawan sushi – a set of ten sushi. The crab was delicious. The taste of the other sushi pieces were more subtle. I am very used to eating tuna and salmon in Singapore. The fish here was obviously fresh but the taste was very subtle. It would have been nice to be able to explore a little more but language was a barrier and there was no English menu which limited my options somewhat.

Miso soup with mushroom and tofu.

The restaurant where we had our lunch.

Since Toyama Bay seafood is famous, I should have researched this a little more and be clearer on where I wanted to go for my seafood. To enjoy good and fresh seafood at Toyama, Toyama City itself may have been a better option.


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