Timms’ turn… again

I actually went to another place for brunch first but they did not seem interested in my business. That was not the first time that their service left much to be desired. They weren’t even aware that customers were looking at them, waiting to be served. And that was the manager playing with his phone. So I went and got the menu myself. Then a staff came and told me that they had already run out of special coffees. And it was not even lunch yet.

I left and decided to go elsewhere. That was when I saw Robert, again.

The difference in the service could not be greater. Immediate attention, orders placed exactly as requested, quick service. The only drawback – no credit card discount. This is my fourth time patronising them and I have only been able to get a discount once. Oh well.

I ordered a chicken salad, with dressing on the side. Perfect. I like my salads, undressed, leaving me the option of how much dressing to add. Besides, I don’t really like mayo. I didn’t mind the  other salty dressing. What I really liked were the greens and the few small pieces of mango. The chicken could have been more thinly sliced though. But this has more to do with presentation than taste.

Next was the flat white coffee – with more milk. Again, perfect. I was about to add sugar until I tasted the coffee. The extra bit of milk almost made it sweet. So I put back the sugar. Yumz.

Good on ya, mate!

For earlier visits to Timms, read here and here.

The House of Robert Timms, 501 Orchard Road, #01-02/03 Singapore 238880. Tel: 6735 9201.


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