Value and Valued

For some strange reason, I started coming here quite regularly, to the point that I was asked to be a member. That was when I found out how well they treat their members. One had to pay to join membership but double that amount of money is returned in the form of vouchers. This is fairly standard practice for Japanese restaurants. But Watami has one dish which is free for members and herein lies the value. Also, depending on the credit card promotion that is going on at the time, members get a higher discount even when vouchers are used. Talk about value and being valued. Their service is also good as this is a proper restaurant. 

Being excited to use my voucher, I ordered food that I would not normally order and when the bill came, I found out that I had been given the member’s discount for the current credit card promotion and the final amount was less than $5! I’ve not paid that little for a feast before.

This is also the only restaurant I know where their staff would actually come down to your level by going on one knee so they could clarify or explain things eye-to-eye to their customers. They don’t do this all the time and certainly not for quick passing orders but when they felt they needed to explain something or hear a customer better when taking down orders, their staff would go down on one knee – small gestures that speak volumes! 

Fisherman’s sushi that is eaten wrapped in seaweed, which is served on the side.


Wafu pizza


Cold milk tea with black pearls.


This was complimentary for members.

 This place is definitely a keeper.

Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant, 9 Bishan Place, #01-33, Junction 8 Shopping Centre, Singapore 579837. Tel: (65) 6258 3577.


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