Na na na na na

It must be time to go down memory lane again. For my birthday. I could not decide where I wanted to go. So I went a little earlier to Plaza Singapura and walked around, trying to see where was a good place to go. I chanced upon the specials at this place, even on weekends. Bargain! So we came here.

The title is a play on words. As children we used to say that to show off, that we had something others did not. Indeed, their specials were something. 

The place opened to roaring reviews about a year ago. There used to be Japanese staff around when it was newly opened. But when the staff left, the quality was affected though not enough to dampen the enthusiasm for the place. A friend of mine used to buy the houji latte on a weekly basis until one day, she noticed the quality was different. Then she realised the Japanese staff who was making the drinks was no longer there. Gone too were the other Japanese wait staff. She stopped buying the drinks. The place was known as Japanese Starbucks because of a vision that the founder had of popularising green tea so that not all is lost to coffee. I did not come here as consistently as my friend and even after not coming here for months, the quality is still good enough for me to return to. Herein lies the truth of many Japanese and perhaps non-local restaurants in Singapore who first open to very high standards of quality of their countries of origin but whose quality eventually evolves to the local standards. The opposite is true too. Food in Singapore always tastes better in Singapore, compared to food in other countries where Singapore food is sold. I guess for Japanese quality, well, go to Japan for it. 

The weekend specials were a real bonus as most restaurants do not have such specials on weekends. The service too was fast and efficient. I used to come here for their chicken salad in goma sauce which was really good as well. I will definitely keep this place in mind for more specials in the future.

Matcha latte on the left, karigane cha, minus a tea cup that I forgot to include in the pic

Gyu shabu goma dare udon. Yum!

Salmon and tuna don

Hamburger with rice

Matcha anmitsu

This was a really wonderful meal at wonderful prices, with wonderful people. I felt really blessed that day. Thanks, guys! 

Nana’s Green Tea, Plaza Singapura, #03-80/82 The Atrium@Orchard, Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Road, Singapore 238839. Tel: 6684 4312.


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