Rendezvous at Ikeikemaru

I was treated to a birthday dinner and we decided to come here. I have been here several times before and one of the posts can be found here. But today, I will only list what I liked about the meal in order of preference. I think when we have the uncommon too often, it becomes, well, common. Things always taste better when it is not had too often.

Aburi engawa (fluke fin)

This was an oily fish and the waiter suggested that we did it as an aburi, which was an excellent idea as the oil gave it a nice fragrance. Aburi means flame-grilled.

Sweet prawns and really fresh. Still good.

Next were the prawns which were really fresh and sweet.

Sardine sashimi

Sardines were on special and we decided to have it as sashimi. This was really fresh. It had bones in it which were edible but still, one had to make sure to chew properly or a bone may be lodged in the throat. This was not expensive for a whole fish sashimi.

Raw oysters in ponzu sauce

This was a case of having something once too often. I remember the first time I had it and how delicious it tasted. This time, even though they still tasted good, the novelty was a little lost. We should have tried something which we had not tried before.

Aburi shimeaji (front), negitoro (left), crab (far left), kohada(back). The crab sushi were naturally sweet.

This is one of the better places to come to for good sushi and sashimi as they tend to do it like they would in Japan. We will definitely be a little more adventurous and ask for food that we have not tried before. This is one place where you can even tell the chefs that you would like a certain amount of sushi and ask them to just serve you what they would recommend for the day, a kind of omakase if you like. My friends and I have tried that before. Unfortunately, the chef that I am familiar with, is no longer there. I’ll have to befriend another chef.

Ryoshi Sushi Ikeikemaru, 177 River Valley Road, Basement 1 Liang Court. Tel: 63371022.


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