Omakase dinner

What does one do if one is unable to make a reservation at a restaurant because the queue is three to four months long? Choose another restaurant, which was what we did.

The fish was fresh, having been flown in from Japan that very day. Indeed, the highlight was the fish — both the sashimi as well as the sushi. 

Of the ice-cream desserts, we chose the Yuzu and sea salt milk. 

There were three options for the omakase sets — $50, $80 and $100. We chose the $80 as I wasn’t keen on wagyu beef. It would be too much, I thought. Tuna belly sounded rather appealing so we opted for that one. Free flow cherry tomatoes and seaweed were excellent as was the fresh wasabi stick. They were novelties not available at other more pricey omakase places.

This is now the third omakase place I have visited and the first dinner place. It was actually pleasant to be able to have an unhurried meal here. The last two omakase meals I had were over lunch and the meals were rushed because they were specials offered over two lunch time slots. While the food may not look very aesthetic, and the selection a tad limited, they were very fresh nevertheless and served with care. Our server also offered detailed explanation on what exactly was served to us, especially the types of fish we had, which was not my experience in the other places. The place had a ‘woody’ feel transporting one to Japan albeit for a couple of hours, minus the intermittent interruptions in Mandarin spoken by a waitress.

Counter chefs

Fresh wasabi stick that we grated ourselves

Spinach and tofu appetiser

Fresh air-flown fish that we had as sashimi

Pork dish

Oysters coated with rice and almond flakes and a vegetable tempura

Brinjal soup

Sushi selection

Yuzu and seasalt ice-cream

Free flow cherry tomatoes and seaweed

Omakase dinner sets are served in twos, and both must be the same value. With omakase at such affordable prices, should I still visit its neighbour with the long waiting list? 

For my earlier posts on Omakase lunches, please visit here and here.

Sushi Kou, #01-16, 1 Tras Link, Orchid Hotel, Singapore 078867. Tel: 64448433.


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