Burp at Berg’s!

It was the glass that made the difference. How many restaurants nowadays serve water in a glass? This one did and it got my vote. Why? Well, it told me that they were environmentally conscious. Glasses are reused and the company is not adding waste by using disposables or plastic containers. Besides, restaurants that serve their drinks in plastic cups have a cheap feel about them. It’s the same feel when Chinese restaurants serve their food on acrylic plates instead of ceramic. It just looks tacky. But I digress.

I loved the burger! I ordered Little Miss Piggy only because I wanted a bit of bacon in my burger. It was a hearty meal and rather inexpensive. I did not fancy the french fries because of the oil they were fried in. But the burger was great. I am happy to have found another burger place besides Omakase Burger and it did not cost an arm and a leg. This place is unassuming. Most people eat and leave. It is not comfortable or cosy enough to sit for hours. But it is a good place to enjoy one’s burger calmly.


Brekky Burger



Little Miss Piggy that wasn’t so little


There are four locations for Berg’s Burgers in Singapore.

Berg’s Bergers, 45 East Coast Road, Singapore 428765.


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