A Friday Tea Break

This is as close to having a nice cuppa with cake as I will get, outside of Orchard and the city area. I had a snack here before and I liked it. It was a 5 inch pizza which I thought was a great idea for those who wanted to eat something light. Today, I thought I would try their cake and coffee. To my surprise, this was not available ala carte. In the end, I paid the cake and coffee set price PLUS the price for an extra cup of latte. I even asked to see the manager as I could not believe that they did not have it as ala carte to begin with, and secondly the cashier did not even try and speak to the manager about it to try and get a price override.





The cafe is located right next to their bakery. Despite this rather unfortunate experience, I will probably come again as such cafes in the heartlands are rare and far between.

Green Pumpkin, 23 Serangoon Central, #B1-80 Nex, Singapore 556083. Tel: 6634 7437. There are three bakeries in Singapore.


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