Rockeby Baby on the Sidewalk

This is an Australian bistro, somewhat hidden in a neighbourhood amidst landed property. Started by two people who wanted to provide an Aussie experience, this place was suggested by a friend and so we thought we would check it out. There is a sufficiently wide variety of food to cater to just about anyone who is keen to try an Aussie meal, accompanied with Australian wine or an Aussie cup of coffee.


Lamb burger with sweet potato fries


Lamb burger with potato fries with truffle oil


For those who do not eat beef, this was really good. But for those who are used to juicy American beef burgers, this was not juicy enough and not having had lamb burgers before, I could not tell if it was meant to be more juicy than this. I only knew that I almost offended a friend who was not into beef when I compared this to beef. Talk about putting my foot in my mouth! The place serves beef burgers as well which I did not try as the lamb burger came highly recommended.


The ginger ale was nice. There was enough ginger bits in it and it was not overly sweet.


Apple juice.


Apple crumble with ice-cream which was good.


A cup of hot tea.

The ambience was nice and relaxing and staff were generally friendly. The place had a fair share of customers, with several foreign ones who were probably Aussies. My only gribe was that they did not let us know that they would charge for the fries to be changed into the sweet potato and truffle ones, so customers who are recommended the change, please be aware that there is a price difference. In the end, it was our word against theirs and we decided not to argue over this but this little incident caused me to think twice about going back there again.

Rockeby is located at 15-9 Jalan Riang, Singapore 358987.


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