Halal Dim Sum and such

This is the first time I have eaten at a halal dim sum place. This place does not just serve dim sum. They also do ze char, where one can order food that they will cook to order.


Minced meat wrapped in beancurd skin


A variety of steamed food.


Deep fried prawn fritters


Fried carrot cake


Minced meat and chives dumplings.


Custard bun with salted egg. The cream oozed out when the bun was broken slightly. This was pretty unique and nice. Of all the dishes, this was my favourite.


There were five of us and we ate everything. Having an alternative halal dim sum place for me to go to with my Muslim friends was nice — there are not many halal dim sum places where they may patronise. Other dim sum places are available for those who are not so restricted in their choice of food and the choices are more varied. I do want to come back here to try the crab with my crab kaki friend though.

Tang Tea House Hong Kong Cafe, 242 Jalan Kayu, Singapore 799466. Tel: 64832298/ 64832284
(The cafe is located where Mad Jack used to be, along Jalan Kayu.)


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