Indofood: Hawking satay

Within minutes the smell of satay being grilled filled the air. It was the fragrance that alerted me to his presence. A quick shot of his setup and before long, he was gone. The satay has to be ordered as he runs out by the late evening. We ordered only lean meat which resulted in the satay being a little dry, and lontong or rice cake. But satay at one’s doorstep was something I used to grow up with and it was nice to experience it again. Unlike satay in Malaysia or Singapore, there were not a lot of peanuts in the sauce and the gravy was not spicy enough either. The satay I had in Malaysia tasted a lot better to me. The novelty hence, was being able to enjoy it at one’s doorstep. This was the only satay I tasted in Indonesia, hence I was not sure if the sauce was supposed to be different. But for the convenience of having satay at one’s doorstep, I have no complaints.




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