Indofood: Muzium Angkut

This is a place to see vintage vehicles and against the backdrop of England, Germany, Italy, Broadway (US) and Hollywood. And vintage it was. Not only were there vehicles which I would probably never ever see in my life had I not come here, I also saw silent Charlie Chaplin movies here. There was no lack of photo opportunities and a walk could easily last two hours.









The food was not too bad if one could get over the flies that were attracted to the seafood here. I did not expect the fish I ordered to be deep-fried again to reheat it. I was not sure how many times the oil had been used so I generally try not to eat deep fried food when I’m eating out. One consolation however, was that the heat would have killed any germs from the flies. The better choices of food were probably the grilled chicken and the satay which were devoured pretty quickly as we were hungry from all the walking.




Muzium Angkut is located at Batu, Eastern Java.


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