Decent wonton noodles

I was in the neighbourhood and already had dinner. I was still not full and wanted something to top up. I was told the wonton mee here was good. So I ordered a dumpling soup that evening, minus the noodles. They were good! There was enough meat in them with the crunch of the water chestnut bits. So I came back the next day for the noodles.

They don’t like customers to waste food so they encourage folks to just order what they can eat. I asked for less noodles and more vegetables and char siu. The result was great. I didn’t really like the noodles and it was still too much for me to finish. But the meat and vegetables were good. It was probably the lard that made it taste good. I’d probably eat here again and just have the vegetables and dumplings. Alternatively, I may order the soup noodles instead.

Koung’s wonton mee, 205 Sims Ave, Geylang Lor 21A. Tel: 67480305


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