Dulcet duo

This little place at Liang Court models itself after the way the Japanese run their cafes in Japan. One orders the food and drinks which are then served at the tables. When one finishes the food, one has to clear the trays, leaving the tables empty and hopefully crumb- and stain-free. Hopefully. This, being a self-service cafe, no service charge is charged.

There are pots of hot water, small baskets containing creamer, stirrers and serviettes that customers can help themselves to. This concept actually works like a charm in Japan. The same cannot be said of the experience here though. But I digress.

The cafe is famous for its Mont Blanc and chiffon cakes. On the weekday afternoon that my friend and I were there, we could have a cake and hot drink for the price of a cake as long as it was $6 and above. My friend had the Mont Blanc while I had the Fruit Scoop. I also had the espresso which I didn’t like while my friend had a tea. On hindsight, I should have tried their syphoned coffee or opted for their teas which I think would have been a better choice, unless one likes thick espresso which I don’t. This is a nice quiet place for a dulcet duo.



Dulcet & Studio, 177 River Valley Road #01-41/42, Liang Court Shopping Centre, Singapore 179030.


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