Fine Tea Allusion (2)

I had a friend in town and this was the only place I brought her to. It was supposed to have been a food crawl day but it ended up just being an afternoon. This time, I was determined to order the right items. We ordered their Mini Tea Time Set and a scone set. For tea, we had coffee flavoured tea – that was the closest I could get to having coffee, TWG tea no. 12.







The Singapore Surprise was a good surprise. It was made of wild berries and custard, with a nice sugar glaze on top. The base was nice as well. Of all the items in the tea set, I liked this one the best. The scone set was good too. The cream and the earl grey jelly were a nice added touch to the scones and they were not sweet. In fact, we could be more generous with the cream and earl grey jelly because they were not sweet. The coffee flavoured tea was lovely as well. The coffee flavour was just nice and did not kill the tea.

I noticed for the first time that the tea was made and served in gold or silver metal covered tea pots to both keep the heat in and prevent the cover of the tea pot from falling off – a good idea. There were no tea bags in the pot which meant that the tea did not thicken like tea normally does when left too long in a pot. I thought this was a good idea. However, it also meant that we could not refill the tea (or at least I did not ask for the refill) once the tea was finished.

A good afternoon tea and catch-up with an old friend. And, in true tourist fashion, we proceeded to get a jar of the earl grey jelly and tea no. 12.

TWG Tea Salon & Boutique at ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn #01-29, Singapore 238801, tel: +65 6463 1837.


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