Unlikely Hero

We passed this place on the way to another place for coffee. But when we got there, it was crowded. Too crowded for 2pm on a weekday afternoon. Shouldn’t these people be at work? They were probably thinking the same about us. The place was completely self-service, right from the time we entered the place to finding our own seats to joining a long queue to order the coffee. While in queue, we decided to leave and give Hero a try.

It was a good decision. There was ample seating, we were greeted with smiles and even though it was a self-service place, we were actually led to seats and handed menus which had a greater variety of food, though not of coffee.

We sat down and ordered our food. It happened to be a hot weekday afternoon — which weekday afternoon is not hot in Singapore — and the iced water we were served were welcomed relief.


Cappucino, which my friend was happy with.


This place had wise cracks like this and other knick knacks for sale.


Truffle Eggs lunch which my friend dug into rather quickly.


The Americano I ordered was too strong. They had put two shots of coffee in it instead of one. So I sent it back. What they should have done but didn’t do was make me another cup. It looked like they just poured away half the cup of the earlier coffee and added more hot water to it. I had already added milk to it before. Out of consideration in case the coffee was still too strong, they gave me a miniature watering can of hot water for me to dilute the coffee further should I choose to. The can was more quaint than functional but it did add to the uniqueness of this place. I finished my coffee after adding a little bit more milk to it.

This place ranks very highly for service and conscientiousness. Food was fine. If it is good coffee one is looking for, there are other places that serve really good coffee. Otherwise, this is a place to come to, to chill out over a sufficiently large variety of food and drinks. Oh, meet St Antonio, the wise crack, I mean cat, and try out the tiramisu desserts while here. Certainly, an unlikely ‘hero’ of a place for us.

Tiramisu Hero, 121 Tyrwhitt Road, Singapore 207548. Tel: 6292 5271.


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