Bagus Makan: Bak kut teh in PJ Old Town

We were in the mood for bak kut teh (pork bones soup) dinner. The best place we knew was in Old Town.


It was so nice to see generous amounts of freshly chopped garlic and chilli at each table. I don’t eat bakkut teh very often but if this generosity is any indication, the food here must be good. We shall see.


We ordered a conbination of fatter meat and pork ribs. The fatter portion is served as well as it balances out the leaner pork rib portions making it ‘smoother’ to eat. One may remove the fat portions at will if one so chooses. The soup is herbal and slightly sweet, as opposed to more peppery ones in other bak kut teh places.


Beancurd in soup.


I also ordered a separate bowl of mushrooms. Items like taupok (beancurd) and mushrooms can be ordered separately. The portions were generous and they even provided tissue for customers. This is a big deal as in Malaysia or Singapore, food shops usually do not provide such things without charging for them. The place only opens for dinner. This place is value for money, the meat is tender and when dipped into the chopped garlic and chilli in dark sauce, it is simply delicious. A local Chinese newspaper has ranked it among the top 20 BKT places in Malaysia.

A Google search of this place resulted in three places with the same name but at different locations. It is not clear to me if the places are related to each other. Make sure you go to the right place.

Heng Kee Bak kut Teh, No. 1, Jalan 1/10, 46000, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, 46000, Malaysia. Tel: +60 3-7785 1663. This is located in PJ Old Town.


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