Bagus Makan: Coffee Shop dinner

Growing up, it was very common for us to go out to a nearby coffeeshop for dinner. Dining out is quite common in Malaysia, unlike in western countries, and it did not cost a lot unless one went to fancy restaurants. With tasty food being so affordable, one is spoilt for choice for places to eat. Tonight was no different. We simply went to a coffeeshop nearby for a good meal.





Beancurd dish


Marmite pork ribs. I have had coffee pork ribs before. This tasted quite good.


Blanched lettuce. Lettuce was cooked just nice.


Steamed garoupa. The fish was fresh.


The name of the restaurant.

The food here was good and reasonably-priced. It was a very popular place and as the night wore on, more customers showed up. I would eat here again.

Restoran Yuen Yuen, 47100 Puchong Batu Dua Belas, Selangor.


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