Bagus Makan: Nasi Kerabu

This is the first time I had nasi kerabu. This restaurant reminded me of Madam Kwan’s and certainly several of such restaurants serving more pricey local food have started mushrooming in malls all over Malaysia, and they are doing well. It looks like local food is now going upmarket through the setup of these restaurants as customers prefer to dine in air-conditioned comfort rather than sweating it out in hot coffee shops or hawker centres. The value now lies in the whole dining experience and not just the food per se. Serai started out by serving Northern cuisine including certain Thai recipes. Today, they serve a variety of Malaysian, western, Thai and Middle Eastern food. They also serve desserts.


This meal was served with toasted coconut bits, half a salted egg, fish crackers, raw cut salad combination of cucumber, onion, lemon grass, and curry leaves, one green chilli with meat filling and ayam percik. This was a substantial meal and a little too much. The blue in the rice comes from butterfly pea flower.


Nasi lemak that did not disappoint. The ayam goreng berempah (spiced fried chicken) was nicely done, with achar (pickled vegetables), and sambal prawns on the side.


Chicken satay with rice ketupat and satay sauce. It was pretty good though the satay in Penang was nicer than this one. The size of the sticks here may be larger but the smaller Penang satay (or those in hawker centres in Malaysia for that matter) were tastier.



If we had not been so full, we would have tried their desserts. Next time.

Serai, LG37, Lower Ground Floor, Empire Shopping Gallery, Jalan SS16/1, Subang Jaya, 47500. Tel: +603-5611 3200.



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