Bagus Makan: Breakfast

We decided to head to the food court at the third floor of Dataran Pahlawan to see what they served. I was very pleased with my find.


This is popiah with a slight twist. Malacca has been receiving so many Japanese tourists that the stall owners started added crunchy bits to their popiah, that tasted like fried tempura batter. That seemed to have replaced the small fried pork fat bits which is one of the draws of better popiah. It was still nice and the bits were still crunchy.



My Penang Assam Laksa in Malacca. A bit too spicy but overall, it was good. There were generous portions of vegetables and shredded fish as it was still early in the day.

Check out the food court, Food Paradise, for some local food, if one cannot get to any of the others.


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