Bagus Makan: Apam balik

This little piece of pancake that ended up being dessert really brought back memories. I do not even remember the last time I had some. It was that long ago. And they were so nice and easy to eat that many customers ordered this in multiples of six. The smallest order was six pieces, followed by 12. We easily ate a dozen among five people. They were that good.


There are several types of apam or apong. The one we had was plain with coconut in the middle. Some of the other apams have corn or peanuts in them. Some pancakes are also thicker. I like the thin crunchy ones with peanuts or corn on the inside. In this case, I was quite happy with the plain thin ones with coconut in the middle. The apam was fragrant and crunchy on the thin bits and eggy towards the middle of the apam. An excellent choice of a really nice snack to end off our dinner.

Apam balik is found in many hawker stalls in Penang.


Got a fleshy bitter-tasting durian and it was finger-licking good! Even the durians are good in Penang.

Finally, no trip to Penang would have been complete without eating the king of fruits. It did not disappoint at all!


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