Bagus Makan: Penang, here I come!

I had wanted to visit Penang for a while. Friends I know who are good cooks seem to hail from Penang or Malacca, the only two Peranakan cuisine hotspots in the country. Penang food has become a brand in its own right in recent years, with restaurants and eating places that market Penang food springing up in Singapore and I am sure, in different parts of the world. People go up to Penang for food tours. That was not my sole purpose but since I was going there, I may as well check out the food.

I was walking along Chulia street in search of lunch when I decided to stop by this coffee shop because the coffee shop had people in it and it was already after the office lunch hour. I ordered dried wanton mee.


The wanton mee here was not as black as what we get in Kuala Lumpur or Petaling Jaya but it was tasty. The char siew was moist and the wantons were plump; a sign that the owner did not stinge on the meat. At some stalls I have eaten at, the wantons had more skin than meat. I also liked the smaller portions which meant that I did not have to worry so much about the pork oil bits in the noodles. Those with larger appetites would probably have to order two bowls but I was happy with one bowl.


I showed this picture to another lady who was also visiting Penang and she happily quipped that this coffee shop is in the tourist guide books. No wonder.

This coffee shop is located at the corner of Caravon Street and Chulia Street.


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