Bagus Makan: Raju’s Roti Canai Section 5

In Malaysia, it is called roti canai. In Singapore, it is called roti prata. It is the same thing, except for the difference in name. It is a type of Indian flat bread.

This place is always busy during the weekends. People come here for breakfast and the summons cum tow truck folks do a roaring business clamping vehicles that are illegally parked and towing them to somewhere far away where people have to go to, to pay the fine and redeem their vehicles.

Many locals come here and I am one of them. They do try and encourage customers to get their more expensive items but if you are satisfied with just roti canai kosong (plain flatbread) or telur (with egg) and bawang (onion) and teh tarik, the meal does not need to be too expensive. The food is pretty good though a little on the expensive side and the variety of food that one can eat with roti canai is fairly wide-ranging.


Good-looking roti canai with egg.



Gravies and curries that you can eat the roti with.


I usually do not order vadai. It is made of dal, lentil, flour or potato. My friend ordered it and it was delicious.



Teh tarik.

Raju’s Restaurant, Off Jalan Gasing at Jalan 5/13.


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