Chinese Belly series: King at the top!

This was truly the best place for us to have a meal and catch up at The Peak. The peak was foggy which meant we could not walk around that much. We found a good seat and both of us liked Burger King, so that worked out well. This is one of the few Burger King outlets in Hong Kong that is hugely popular because of its location. With the theme, Taste is King, well, it certainly was a good place to eat, at The Peak.


I liked the pictures here, which I have not really seen in Burger King restaurants elsewhere.



Hot chocolate. This was just so-so.


The location was great!

This outlet is very popular and many of the items were already sold out when we came in just after noon. We still managed to get our whopper (what else, right?) and a drink and generally had a great time without paying an arm and a leg, considering the location. I would definitely come here again if I ever visit The Peak in Hong Kong again.

Burger King, Shop 1, Level 1, The Peak Tower, 128 Peak Road, The Peak. Tel: +852 2849 2275


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