Chinese Belly series: HK seafood

This must have been one of the most filling meals I have ever had in my life. It was a lot of food for four ladies, thanks to my generous friends. The restaurant was really busy and even with a booking, we had to wait. I have come to expect this in Hong Kong, since it was a long weekend, and there were many visitors to the country.


Fancy some pickled garlic (middle) along with peanuts (left) and chilli sauce (right), anyone? I have not seen garlic being served in this way for a while.


Cooked drunken prawns to die for! They were really fresh.


This fried tofu dish was delicious as well.


This was a large portion of really chewy cuttlefish. We could have done with half of this portion. It was nice but just really chewy. Again, it was fresh.


Small clams cooked into a broth with vermicelli.


Loved the steamed fish as well.


Bowls of healthy, wholesome seafood soup goodness for our already overful bellies!


The restaurant we went to.

The food was really fresh and the crowdedness of the place shows how well it was doing.


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