Chinese Belly series: Cheese cakes

I love Hong Kong desserts, including their western ones. This place, like so many in HK, was very crowded and we were truly fortunate to get seats.

The cakes were delightful, especially the smooth tofu cheesecake. The pu er (a kind of tea) cheesecake was a novelty for me. The tea could have been a tad stronger to better bring out its flavour. I thought it was quite creative of them to mix tofu and tea, two Chinese-type ingredients into their cheesecake which is western.


Tofu cheesecake which was quite smooth.


Pu Er cheesecake which would have been better with a little more tea in it.


Front of the shop.

The place is supposed to serve good coffee. I am used to good coffee served in Japanese or western cafes. I ordered a cup of Sumatra Mandheling and I cannot say that I would order it again. Hong Kong has a lot of good food and drinks. Coffee just isn’t one of them. Tea may have been a much better choice, if only I had realised it then.

Colour Brown is located here.


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