Red, White and Blue series: Nothing like a burger!

My trip to America wouldn’t be complete without eating hamburgers and drinking milkshake. So off we went to the only hamburger cafe in town where I was visiting.

After watching program after program on the best eateries in the US, I almost felt like I was in search of the best burger in town, minus a TV crew. This was the only burger restaurant in town, where the other competitors were MacDonald’s and Burger King.

Upon entering the eatery, one would write down exactly what one wanted in their burgers on white food wrap papers where the food would be served in. I was happy because for once I did not have to tell them not to put pickles in my burger. They also served sweet potato fries which I decided to try. They added salt to them. Had I known that, I would’ve asked them not to add salt as I liked my sweet potato fries, well, sweet. But the salt did bring out the contrast between the sweetness and the saltiness and I can understand why some people may actually like that.

The burger was made of 100% beef and it was good; finger-licking good! I liked that it was all beef and not mixed with stuff to look like it was all beef. I was a little unsure about the raw onions and sure enough, the taste lingered in my mouth way passed the burger, fries and milkshake and I had to drink something strong to get rid of the taste eventually. Clearly, fried onions agreed with me better. What really looked good too was the chicken burger and I will try that the next time.

Altogether, it was a jolly good American meal with a jolly good American family!


Sweet potato and potato fries.


My juicy burger. It has got to be juicy!


A vegan burger.


The milkshake which was very thick. I could hardly suck it up the straw. I don’t know if that’s the way it was meant to be even though I’ve had ‘thinner’ milkshakes before.




I came back another day for the chicken. Yum.


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