Red, White and Blue series: French Quarter Beignets

A friend made this and I thought fried dough were an Asian thing. Boy, was I wrong! I found out it was French as well. My guess is there is probably a fried dough recipe in about every culture. The French Quarter Beignets (isn’t that a nice name?) recipe here is from Paula Deen. The photos show how my friend made the beignets.


Preparing the dough


Breaking the dough into smaller pieces and rolling them out


Testing the temperature of the oil with a small piece of dough


Cutting the dough to size


The smaller pieces were for testing the oil temperature.


Frying the dough. They rose nicely.


Draining the extra oil off onto paper towels


Putting the beignets into a paper bag with sugar and shaking the bag to evenly coat the beignets. Close the bag before giving it a good shake while the beignets are still warm hot so that the sugar will stick nicely to the beignets.


We tore a piece of beignet which was coated with cinnamon sugar to show that the inside was hollow.


Powdered sugar coated beignets


Cinnamon sugar coated beignets

I asked for smaller pieces of beignets to be made and we tried some. The smaller pieces tasted more chewy as there was slightly more dough in them and I did not feel like I had had too much carbohydrate after eating them.

That girl is an awesome baker and cook as well!


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