Red, White and Blue: Panera, Panera

There’s Panera and there’s Panera. It’s the same franchise but different outlets seem to serve different quality of food, with different dining experiences. When I was in Colorado, a couple of the Panera outlets served great food and I wanted to go back there again. But when I was in Middle America, the quality and dining experience was different. I did not want to go back there again.

This should not surprise me but it did. I guess I thought the quality control would be a lot more better in the US but clearly I was wrong. When I told this to my friend, she said it was dependent on the state we were in. Different states prefer different things and don’t mind other things. So next time, I will pick the right food to eat in the right state! Eat the food that the place is famous for when visiting.





Panera outlets are available all over the US.


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