Red, White and Blue: Fast food chicken rolls

With this series, we venture west.

So many people came out in support of Chick-fil-A because of their stand on marriage that I got curious about their food. People were willing to queue around a block or two to buy their food as a show of support. Their food must be good enough for them to be well-known enough to be supported in the way that they were.

So off I went in search of an outlet when I was in the US recently. It was also one of the few fastfood restaurants that my friend did not mind eating at because the food quality was good enough for her. We both do not usually eat fastfood. So we stopped at one while on a long drive.

Somehow western food tastes better in western countries. And this seems to be true in this case. The portion was too large for me so I doggy-bagged it. The dressing that came along with the salad were also rather generous. We were given several packets of dressing which I thought was rather much. But this is the US of A and everything here seems to be upsized!




The food was good value and the portions, generous. Certainly tasty with barely a trace of MSG. I was told that that is hardly found in food in the US. I guess folks here demand better quality food and I could not taste any of the artificial seasoning or saltiness that is often associated with MSG, often found in fastfood, in what I had.

Chick-fil-A outlets are available all over the US.


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