Fine Japanese Dining (I)

This visit was inspired by Obama actually. He went to Japan to visit Abe who brought him to eat at the famous Michelin star Jiro restaurant in Tokyo. I was reminded of a visit by someone I know who went to Sushisho and wrote about his wonderful experience. Never mind that he had to save a lot of his part-time work money in order to pay for the meal. I wanted to go and try the food too but Japan was simply too far and too expensive to fly to just for a meal. So I wondered if there were such restaurants in Singapore and I found not just one, but several. This is one of them.

We booked lunch and were seated at the counter. It was very difficult to see chef Goh making all that delicious and fresh sushi with such passion and dedication and not order them. From the time we sat down till more than an hour later, he had been receiving orders and making them non-stop, and he was just one of six chefs at the sushi counter bar that Friday afternoon.

I settled on a bento set as the omakase which I wanted to try sounded a little bit too vague. The hurried explanation did not help either and I could not get a clear idea of how exactly to order that. But after more than an hour of watching the chef prepare omakase dishes for other customers, I think I have a better idea now.

Our set came soon after and I was impressed. The sashimi was fresh, the rice was real Japanese rice that somehow tasted different from the Japanese rice that is served at other more moderately-priced Japanese restaurants. The tempura was okay; not a take-your-breath-away outstanding but still good. Then just when I thought that nothing in my set could surprise me anymore, I tasted the chawan mushi. Now, that took my breath away. The little yuzu citrus bits on the chawan mushi were the secret and what a difference those little bits made to the whole dish. I was so glad I ended my set with that. I ate the fruits first.

So all in all, it was a delightful lunch. Now to save a few hundred dollars so I can have a nice omakase lunch that I saw others eating today.





The next day, one of the chefs sent me a ‘Thank you’ sms for dining at their restaurant. Talk about service. This must be the new norm.

Tatsuya Japanese Restaurant, Goodwood Park Hotel, 22 Scotts Road. Tel: 68874598.


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