Bagus Makan: The real Subang rojak?

He was adamant that this is the real SS15 rojak and not the one I had blogged about. So I tried it. There were only three options to choose from. So I ordered the kosong for myself and telur and sotong for him. The latter order was like the works. There was a long queue and the people remained even when it started to drizzle. Eating it there is best but we opted for takeaway.

Not forgetting chendol which turned out to be way too sweet, no wonder so many customers ordered kurang manis, I know better next time, I picked up my takeaways and left.

The main difference between this rojak and what I blogged about before was the sauce. The sauce here was a lot tastier without being overly spicy, compared to the other one. I would still buy from the other stall because of proximity and from here if I’m in the area. Some people I know will be very happy with this little discovery.

There’s even a Google map pin on the place. Amazing!







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