Wheeling food?

Is this a bike shop that sells food or a food shop that sells bikes? Calling themselves bike atelier, it’s probably a designer or ‘artist’ bike shop that sells food; that is the connotation of atelier. Housed in what resembles a warehouse, the place is rather large and spacious and there certainly is ample parking for bicycles though the same cannot be said of cars. Perhaps this is to encourage cycling as bicycles can park for free whereas cars have to pay via parking coupons due to the limited parking lots.

There is a range of rather gentlemanly and lady-looking bicyles plus several ‘designer’ single speeds and the odd child’s bike and helmets. The bikes here are not the run-of-the-mill bicycles. The range is clearly niche.

If one is not keen on the type of bicycles sold here, one may be more inclined to come for the food or just to chill. But the food was slightly on the pricey side and the taste was no different from what could be gotten elsewhere. I ordered a hotdog with salsa and a drink. The cool lime-flavoured drink and potato chips were great. But the hotdog on white bread, which was the main item, tasted like processed food on white bread. The lettuce was dry and the hotdog had very little taste or nutritional value in it. I know, it’s hotdog. The chocolate was great and one could taste the real chocolate though I didn’t think the little biscuits added value to the drink. If anything, I think they took away from it. A butter cookie or biscotti would have been more appropriate.

Combining bicycles and food is still a novel idea. There are not that many shops like this yet. A lot of thought and effort has gone into the design of the place. I like how the bicycle frames line up to form a unique pattern where the food is ordered. Different bicycles placed decoratively and vintage parts also added to the feel of the place. The challenge is to keep the novelty and make the food great so cyclists, foodies and ‘chillers’ will want to spend time here to talk about their bikes or the latest gossip in town, chat and hang out because of the lovely space, eat, drink and chill!

Wheeler’s Yard, 28 Lorong Ampas. Tel: 62549128. This place is also available for event bookings.








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