New ‘old’ food, part II

In my last post, I mentioned that the curry chicken looked so good that I had to try it so off I went. This time I went to another outlet.

While it looked good, the curry taste did not go into the potatoes and chicken enough. I don’t know if it is the way it is prepared here – chicken curry uses coconut milk which has a limited shelf life and the chicken and potato did not taste like they were in the curry for long enough before they were served. In any case, compared to the chicken rendang which tasted really good, the chicken and potato tasted salty but not curried enough.

The sambal sardines were pretty decent. There was enough chilli and sambal mixed into the sardines for a sambal chilli taste and the sardines were not overly salty. Sardines can be overly salty but the combination resulted in something that was not overly salty and it was spicy enough. I would definitely come back for the sandwiches again.

Ya Kun Family Cafe, Nex, 23 Serangoon Central, #B2-46, Singapore 556083. Tel: 6634 9744.




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