Bagus Makan: Prawn noodles, Ipoh hor fun and kaya toast

The food here were found in the same coffee shop as the wantan mee. They were all good.

The prawn noodles had sufficient prawn and pork flavour in the soup. According to folks who eat here often, the cook boils the stock for several hours in order for the taste to get into the soup. The fried onions topped off the soup noodles nicely. For the best combination of noodles, ask for beehoon and egg noodles.

The Ipoh hor fun also did not disappoint. The chicken stock was done just right as well, with the thinner hor fun noodles.

Last but not least was the kaya toast. The white bread toast had a crunch on the outside while soft on the inside. The secret of every kaya toast is really the way the bread is toasted and the kaya. Both were perfect. The bread and kaya had a slightly more important role than the margarine or butter. Of course, with butter, especially salted butter, the saltiness balanced out the sweetness in the kaya. But butter was not always available and it required a fridge in order to keep it from melting. Margarine did not have that problem. The kaya toast here, with margarine, was comparable to the thinner brown kaya toast that is found in Singapore, except that the long white bread toast is more original. That was how it was eaten years ago before the brown bread toast became popular.

The coffee shop is next to UOB bank along Jalan 52/18, PJ State New Town.






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