Here comes a Chinese bride!

Chinese-type weddings normally come with an 8-course meal followed by dessert, eaten slowly over a long lunch or dinner. This particular meal was held over lunch, just after the church wedding. It was held at a Chinese restaurant specialising in Cantonese or Sichuan cuisine at Clarke Quay and it was an extremely pleasant lunch, because of the company and the place. The lunch today was Cantonese as the couple is Cantonese.

Chinese wedding dishes are usually laden with meaning to usher in prosperity, goodwill and wealth for the couple. This particular restaurant claims that there is no added MSG in their cooking.

I loved the mix of western and Chinese tradition here. There were lit candles and rose petals on the floor and at the top of the staircase was a Chinese wedding outfit.

Flower baskets containing dry ice.


Coasters that guests could take with them as door gifts.


This was a nice touch and very Cantonese.


Oink oink was yummy!


Scallops and macadamia nuts with vegetables


I love sharks fin soup. I don’t order it nor do I go looking for it. And I am aware of the unethical means by which shark fins are obtained nowadays. But when I am served a bowl, I enjoy and appreciate it fully.


Sea cucumber.


Noodles for longevity


Ah balling dessert. Glutinuous rice balls with filling on the inside, in a paste. The filling can vary from peanuts to red or green bean paste.


A copy of the menu.

Peony Jade Restaurant, #02-02, Clarke Quay, 3A River Valley Road. Tel: 63380305, 63380138.


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