Meat rolls

I had a potluck dinner over the holiday season and decided I would try my hand at making airfried pork rolls.

For the meat, I got the shabu shabu pork which was thawed from being frozen. For the sauce I used a combination of soy sauce, sugar, a bit of honey, red wine and crushed mint leaves.

First, cut up the vegetables into long but thin slices. One can use a variety of vegetables like young corn, asparagus, carrots. Enoki mushroom and even sliced red apple. I was just experimenting with a variety of vegetables and the odd fruit so I put in whatever I thought would make a nice combination. In the end, I decided to leave out the apple.

Roll the vegetables in the meat. When there is about an inch left of the meat, dab a bit of egg white onto the meat. This will hold the roll together as it is fried.

I air fried them in an air fryer at 160 degrees Celsius (pre-heated) for 3 minutes. Use a brush to brush the marinade onto the roll before frying. Then I flipped the rolls over, brush them with more marinade and air fried them at 180 degrees for 2 more minutes. For a crispier taste, it can be air fried for slightly longer. As there is a nice layer of fat on the pork already. the roll turns out crispy and moist.

Serve with your favorite sauce or just eat as it is.

These rolls may also be fried in a pan, with or without oil since there already is fat in the pork rolls.







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