A taste of Penang

I didn’t go to Penang and this is not part of the Bagus Makan series though I might actually wander up to Penang one day just for the real thing!

We came here because the queue was the shortest on a Sunday night at the airport. It turned out to be a good decision as the wait was indeed shorter and the food turned out to be pretty good too. This is the halal restaurant in the chain, the non-halal one being Gurney Drive.

One writes down one’s order and pays for the food at the cashier. There is no service charge making it very affordable at an expensive place like the airport.


There was sufficient prawn flavour in the soup which is important for this to be authentic.


I am so used to eating rojak in Singapore that I had forgotten what authentic Penang rojak tastes like. The taste in this jolted my memory a little. If I remember correctly, Penang rojak has more fruit in it and is a little more sour. There are also crunchy cracker bits which have been replaced by you tiao in Singapore, and of course, not forgetting the prawn paste which seemed a little stronger. I liked that they did not add too much sugar into it to try and ‘sweeten’ the sourness of the fruit.


This was just nice – still green, tasty and crunchy from being sufficiently blanched and there was no corn flour added.


This was a Thai dish. The fried chicken was nicely fried with crunch in it and the fresh mango and raw onions in Thai sauce made this a very appetising dish indeed.


Chendol in any form has to have enough gula melaka and coconut milk in it and the chendol has to be authentic. This dessert was delightful and the ice was fine enough as well. The dessert was not overly sweet. The soft red bean was an added bonus. Delicious!

On their website, it was stated that they want their customers to ‘bring back a little of “Penang” with them after every dining experience.’ I certainly brought back a bit of Penang with me tonight.

Penang Culture and Gurney Drive is a franchise that has sprang up in several shopping malls in Singapore. The one at the airport won the best outlet award.

Penang Culture, Changi Airport Terminal 2 Departure, Viewing Mall Level 3, #036-087-01, Singapore 819643. Tel: 6546 7793.


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