Bagus Makan: Tim Sum in Melaka

This place, like so many other eating places in Malaysia, is also located in a coffeeshop. We were a large group so we picked a variety of food from the tray. I tried the big pau with the leaking gravy. I’ve not had leaking paus before. It was something different, a little messy, but good. The rest of the food, ranging from har gao, siew mai, pork ribs, porridge and sesame seed balls with lotus paste filling tasted really yummy. There was enough flavour in each little plate. Each little plate was just right without making one overly full as it was not too oily nor too salty and best of all, it didn’t burn a hole in the pocket!

I decided to order coffee just before we were to leave and in order to gulp it down, I asked for some ice. To my surprise, they said that they did not have any as there was no refrigerator in the shop. You can imagine my shock! Fortunately, I had the presence of mind to ask them to pack my coffee so that I could take it away. They served free-flowing tea but no cold drinks! And all the food was freshly handmade daily and nicely covered from preying flies in the kitchen (remember there is no fridge). Amazing! This place served some seriously good tim sum.


EVERYTHING was nice! We picked what we wanted from the tray.


No, we didn’t eat them all.


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