Bagus Makan: Wantan Mee in PJ New Town

How does one do a food review without posting a picture of the food? How about I just describe the noodles and the reader imagines it. So here goes. I do not know if this is the best wantan mee in town but this is one stall that I have patronised for a very long time. My family and I used to eat here on weekends and even when they relocated their stall, we followed them. Fortunately, they did not move too far away from the area. It’s a case of growing up and now growing old eating the noodles here. So yeah, to me, this is the best wantan mee and I compare all the wantan mee that I eat elsewhere to the one here.

Firstly, don’t go during the peak periods like lunch. Go just before or after. They are not so busy and your order will be better prepared and served. If they mix up your orders, give them a break, they have been at it for so many years and they are not young nor did they farm out the cooking to others. As far as I can remember, their noodles have been quite consistent. And yes, we have eaten at their stall for so long that we are on face recognition basis now, and so are many of the locals here.

So, what’s so special about their noodles? Well, firstly, Malaysian wantan mee is black due to the delicious, dark sauce used (unlike Singapore wanton mee which I almost never eat unless they use black sauce) and the wantans are not large but they are tasty. The char siew or barbecued pork is more dark than red and I prefer it dark to red, with a lovely glaze and more lean than fat. It is cooked just right. The use of a bit of lard in their noodles makes it fragrant. If one wanted more noodles, one could order a large. It is one of those meals that I almost always try to have whenever I am there.

Updated 10/1/2014. The stall is now at the coffee shop next to UOB bank along Jalan 52/18, PJ State New Town. The wantan mee stall here is now run by the two sisters (who relocated their stall here recently). I returned here to take some pictures of the noodles as a link to a picture I linked to before got removed.





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