Bagus Makan: Beef noodles in Puchong

We had beef soup noodles that had been reviewed in the local newspapers. But that was not why we came. We were staying nearby and this place had been famous for its beef noodles which hails from Kota Baru, Kelantan, before the review. The soup base was herbal which was what made it different. Besides beef balls, there were also bits of cow’s stomach in the dish. I was told that one either liked the soup or hated it. I didn’t mind the herbal soup but what I really liked was the homemade chilli. I know, this review is not about chillies. But eating the beef noodles with the homemade chilli made something good taste better. Never take the humble chilli sauce for granted.

Lim Siong Kee stall is located within Restoran KH20, 67 Jalan Kenari 20, 47100 Puchong.


Local coffee. I like that they are served in small cups.


Beef noodles in herbal based soup. It was rich in flavour.


Sarawak mee kolok. This dish hails from Sarawak and even though the name Sarawak is in it, not every stall that sells this, cooks or serves it in the same way as they do in Sarawak. For a noodle dish, it tasted fine to me. But I cannot vouch for its authenticity as I have not eaten it in Sarawak before.


The coffee shop is located at a corner with Guinness advertisement on one side of the building.


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